Planning board

What is the most effective way to bring employees and jobs together? With the help of our easy-to-use tool – the neusta planning board for Constructions.

The planning board helps you perform wage calculation, plan your resources optimally, and control your costs. 

The tool offers a wide range of possibilities such as job data management, inventory and group control, and personnel planning.

The Planning board is an integrated solution in Microsoft Dynamics 365, a standard software, which – individually tailored to your requirements – supports your company on its way to digitalization.

Our Solution

The planning board offers you both a desktop and an app version for time logging. The app allows your employees to book their times simply when on the go and thus ensure correct and timely billing of the hours. In addition to productive times, it is also possible to document unproductive working times such as illness, vacation, and weather-related downtimes. Not only that, the app also functions offline.

The times are always logged per specific customer and project, offering you an overview of the ongoing project costs at all times. Moreover, you are in a position to identify cost drivers at an early stage and determine where your company’s strengths lie.

You can define a geographical radius for each project and use geotracking to verify whether your employees are within the defined project radius.

Approved hours for employees are sent directly to payroll accounting. This allows rapid wage calculation and a real-time overview of the work performed.

Stay one step ahead of your competition: reduce your costs and invest in the future of your company with the neusta planning board for Constructions.


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The choice is yours:

Either each employee logs his/her own time or the
foreman handles time logging centrally.

Machine management:

You can manage your machines simply. The possibility of creating groups allows you to com-
bine machines and employees into teams.

Simple communication:

Notes and remarks can be attached directly to duties.

Rapid introduction:

The introduction is simple and does not require extensive training.

Can be used anywhere:

The tool can be used via a desktop or a mobile app.


You can check at any time whether your employees are within the defined project radius.