You want to convert calculations, forms or lists into native apps? Without any programming knowledge and tedious processes? Then start now with Open as App and quickly and easily create all the apps you need in everyday business - independently generate business apps for a wide range of technical requirements.

Open as App in Use

Open as App is a cloud service that allows you to create apps based on spreedsheets. What's special about it? You don't need any programming skills and you can create your apps quickly and easily in just a few steps. Whether you need dashboards, calculations, lists or maps - start now with Open as App!

No-Code and Robotic App Creation

Generate value from data

  • No-code solutions are made for business users who have nothing to do with programming.
  • Open as App understands your Excel & Google spreadsheets and generates an app from them with a customizable interface.

Generate added value

  • Sustainable improvement of your productivity
  • Reduction of IT effort
  • Convert Excel sheets including logic easily
  • Secure way to share your data
  • Permissions can be changed at any time - DSGVO compliant
  • Native clients for iOS & Android
  • Web client & voice chat bot
  • Data is up to date with secured IP

Start now!

Create apps without any programming knowledge? Send DSGVO compliant Excel spreadsheets? No more obstacle with the no-code platform Open as App! Open as App enables Excel users to create apps on their own. Whether for the sales department, which can use Open as App to create offers directly at your customers' sites, or for the marketing department, which can use Open as App to independently create a functional app from a confusing editorial or budget plan. With Open as App, you can create fully functional and clear apps in 1 minute that contain all the logic and functions of an Excel spreadsheet.

Accelerate your digital transformation.

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