In business management software from Microsoft you have a tool which allows you to integrate and manage considerable areas of your enterprise resource planning (ERP) such as operating processes, supply chains, financial data, and production into your IT more efficiently.

The greatest advantage of Microsoft ERP software is the centralization of all these areas, which results in immense competitive advantages when it comes to data analyses and reporting. 


The cloud-based all-in-one business solution: Dynamics 365 Business Central connects all the areas of your business, allowing you to make sound decisions.

Connect your bookkeeping, order, procurement, inventory, and customer interaction data to create an all-inclusive overview of your company.

Fundamental features of Business Central include the automated reconciliation of accounts receivable and accounts payable, automatic calculation of stocks, delivery times, and reorder times, and the calculation and optimization of production capacities and resources so as to be able to improve production plans and satisfy customer requirements.


More effective design of manufacturing processes: Dynamics 365 for Manufacturing offers your company support throughout the entire modern industrial manufacturing process chain. The application offers you insights into the entire value creation and delivery chain from the supplier to the customer in real time. This not only makes your cooperation with suppliers more profitable, but also furnishes your employees with essential business knowledge at the same time. In turn, they are then in a position to consolidate the cooperation with your customers considerably.

Dynamics 365 for Manufacturing allows you to operate considerably more efficiently, boost the quality of your work, optimize the use of resources, and ensure company-wide compliance.


The complete solution for professional e-commerce: Dynamics 365 for E-Commerce allows you to create a consistent shopping experience across all your sales channels and on different end devices. Manage all your B2B and B2C stores from one platform. The application helps you to create the best possible customer experience with customer-specific catalogs, prices, and conditions. Data-driven personalization improves your up- and cross-selling, while different languages, currencies, and payment/taxing options ensure that your shop is suitably equipped for a wide range of different markets.


The high-performance ERP application for retail: Dynamics 365 for Retail allows you to network all your stationary retail workflows with your processes in your online channels and headquarters.
As a retailer, you have a tool at your fingertips which offers your customers integrated buying experiences. Unified commerce enables you to boost your turnover, customer satisfaction, and brand loyalty. With the help of central control of your merchandising, you can also increase your ROI and demand for your product. Dynamics 365 for Retail comes with comprehensive technical support and offers you the possibility of creating products, defining product characteristics and attributes, and assigning the items to categories. In addition, you can also design your range, manage stocks, and control prices centrally.