Microsoft Dynamics 365 combines enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) in a unique cloud environment, integrating seamlessly into the familiar Office 365 environment. The state-of-the-art business solution also encompasses specific applications for all individual business processes such as finances, sales, customer service, field service, administration, and marketing. The modular structure makes it possible to implement only those aspects that you truly need. You receive a platform tailored specifically to your business requirements, offering you maximum flexibility and scalability.

Thanks to the implemented artificial intelligence (AI), Microsoft Dynamics 365 allows intelligent analyses, providing you and your employees with predictive insights simply and easily. With the help of business intelligence, data and information from Dynamics 365, external sources, and Microsoft data signals are connected to allow you to get the greatest benefit from your data. This effective data usage can help your company to make decisions across all hierarchical levels and introduce optimizations in all departments.

Yet another great advantage of Microsoft Dynamics 365 are the Azure cloud services, which can be expanded continuously, thus offering you centralized support as requirements and challenges grow. The Azure cloud services allow you to administrate Dynamics 365 in a large, global network. Using Microsoft Azure, we tailor the standard insights generated by the Dynamics 365 AI applications to your specific requirements in order to satisfy your different scenarios.


  • Centralized knowledge management
  • Up-to-date master data at all times
  • Seamless, networked workflows
  • Bundled orders and service inquiries
  • Tracking of processes and resources
  • Control of systems and devices
  • Integrated analysis possibilities
  • Automation by means of AI
  • Scalability thanks to modular structure


We at neusta portal services will be happy to advise you on all matters concerning Microsoft Dynamics 365. From customizing and integration of the software solution right through to special training sessions tailored to your personal requirements, our experts offer you comprehensive support and provide a complete service encompassing all the Dynamics 365 applications. In cooperation with you, we identify your individual requirements and analyze specific possibilities for development. In addition, we offer advice when it comes to the modeling of business processes and workflows. On this basis, we develop the best possible CRM system tailored to both you and your requirements. We’re even there for you after implementation too.


Efficient, flexible, innovative: Microsoft Dynamics 365 unites customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) in a unique manner, bringing you the best of both worlds. As an official Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner, we are your specialist for bespoke CRM and ERP solutions. Experience for yourself the advantages of a cloud-based complete solution effectively assisting your company to achieve its strategic objectives.