Dynamics 365 offers more than just a CRM software for sales and marketing. Thanks to the different modular applications, you can manage customers, contacts, and campaigns effectively and centrally. This is complemented by other business segments such as service, support, HR, and project management.


The intuitive complete solution for successful sales: Dynamics 365 for Sales makes it easier for your sales staff to nurture customer relationships and exploit sales opportunities. The tool maps the entire sales process from lead and opportunities to creation of the offer and order with flexibly adjustable evaluations. We offer you support with the CRM-side configuration of each of these sales phases.

The mobile access means your sales staff have access to important customer data at all times and from anywhere. The LinkedIn Sales Navigator connection also makes it easier for your staff to locate contacts and nurture a relationship with the customer. Customer data can be effectively managed with Dynamics 365: personalized views and filter functions ensure data and favorites can be found more quickly, while cleaning tools help avoid duplicates and obsolete data sets.

In addition, the application offers you increased transparency in the sales process: targeted, data-based evaluations and automated processes provide you with an overview of your current sales performance at all times. Gamification functions such as sales competitions promote teamwork and sales spirit, offering a playful means to greater success.


Intelligent customer support on site: with Dynamics 365 for Field Service you can optimize resource planning for your field service. The application is ideal for all companies which install, service, and repair technical systems and devices.

With improved time planning and automation, you can prepare the service job optimally and deploy your technicians most efficiently. This saves your resources and boosts customer satisfaction.

With Dynamics 365, you can provide your technicians on site with real-time instructions and an overview of the customers and service jobs. This not only allows your service staff to work more efficiently, but also increases customer trust, as jobs can be performed during the first visit more frequently. The integrated data processing identifies service requirements before they even occur, allowing you to act proactively rather than just reactively. Predicted just-in-time servicing replaces expensive maintenance plans and ensures that repairs, cleaning, and spare parts deliveries are only performed when truly necessary. Furthermore, the feature set is complemented with other practice-oriented functions such as the automated creation of work orders, spare parts management, warehouse management, and intelligent tool scheduling as well as innovative customer communication via all channels.


The added bonus for your CRM module: communicate with your customers via individual portals. A portal allows you to interact with your customers as required and offer them support, instructions, solutions, and ideas. In addition, portals provide your service team with the right customer data and tools to allow them to offer rapid solutions and support.

Customers can also report service requirements themselves via online forms available via the portals. This reduces the data processing efforts required of you. Direct connection in the CRM system also produces a whole range of additional advantages: there is absolutely no need for programming a complex interface, as the data from the forms are communicated directly to the CRM.
The web forms from MS portals allow you not only to process inquiries more efficiently, but also to perform online surveys. The data collected are saved directly in the CRM in tables, allowing you to utilize all of the CRM’s functions for the evaluation.

Create a completely new, user-defined portal or select from the existing templates. The superior availability of information offers you a competitive advantage as, for example, your customers can check for themselves where a delivery is as well as the status of their support request. Moreover, your employees are also familiar with the user interface, making it easy for them to work with it.


Your high-performance planning tool: Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation allows you to complete your projects by the deadline and on budget while increasing the productivity of your staff at the same time. This is all thanks to the combination of a customer-oriented service delivery model, integrated audio and video applications, and a superior document management system.

With the help of critical performance indicators, you can react flexibly to changes and project risks, thus guaranteeing cost-efficient services. Intuitive dashboards allow your project managers to track, monitor, and approve costs and schedules at all times. In addition, it is also possible to visualize the costs, efforts, and revenue. This complete transparency, the relevant functions, and the native integration of Microsoft Project make it possible to plan, implement, and analyze projects more effectively.


A new approach to recruiting: Dynamics 365 for Talent gives you a comprehensive overview of your HR activities. Identify potential talent and steer all your recruitment and selection processes using a single tool. Relieve your HR department of administrative tasks by providing your staff with candidate profiles, assessment functions, and feedback functions. Dynamics 365 for Talent lets you plan interviews more simply. Once you’ve found the perfect candidate, you can create personalized checklists and schedules for the onboarding of new staff members, facilitating their integration into the company.


The intelligent marketing solution for compelling customer experiences: Dynamics 365 for Marketing offers you a wide range of possibilities for effective multichannel marketing. Use campaigns, e-mail marketing, and landing pages to generate very promising leads. The LinkedIn Connector tool grants you direct access to your business network, allowing target groups to be identified and potential customers to be approached This allows construction of a contact workflow on the basis of LinkedIn content and interactions. Integrated business intelligence ensures that you approach the correct target groups and prioritize correctly on the basis of intelligent lead assessment models. The engagement can be personalized with insights into customer interactions. Evaluate the success of your marketing initiatives with a wide range of evaluation models and sales-ready grades.

Automated workflows guide the leads through the marketing and sales channels so that you can pass sales-ready leads on to your Sales department. The creation and development of marketing campaigns functions particularly simply and efficiently in Dynamics 365. Once set up, the campaigns can be displayed with marketing calendars, time axes, and activities. Integrated dashboards and analysis tools provide you with an overview of all your marketing activities at all times and facilitate your interactions in real time.

The add-on Dynamics 365 AI for Marketing Insights compiles information for you concerning events, e-mails, landing pages, and social listening data from different platforms.